For a healthy media plan Get Plenty of Outdoor – At Least 20%

Warm and fresh

With Outdoor being 20% of people’s daily media serving, how much do you have in YOUR media plan?

We know that 9 out of 10 people leave home each day,* so it’s no surprise that Outdoor reaches more people than any other medium.

But how much time do people actually spend with Outdoor?  The OMA’s Day in the Life study measured time spent with media per person and found that Outdoor is in the top three, being 20% of people’s daily media consumption.

Source: Day in the Life Study Research Now, Total 14+ n=3,465
Outdoor is the third most consumed media daily
Outdoor works as a side dish or a main
Online and Outdoor are mainly served during the day, and TV at night. In order to maintain a healthy media plan, it’s recommended that you serve Outdoor with Online and TV, in the right balance.
Ubiquitous and abundant
Outdoor is the ideal snack served before shopping
For 3 out of 5 shoppers (60%), Outdoor is the only media to influence them in the hour prior to shopping.

Whet shoppers’ appetite with an Outdoor campaign positioned directly on their path-to-purchase.